Town Kobe harbor land which pleasure of shopping gourmet amusement wedding cinema entertainment & hotel Kobe shines, and glitters

We pick up shop to enjoy Kobe in harbor land more!
Please find charm of Kobe.

Kobe beef

Brand Japanese beef on behalf of Japan, Kobe beef. Steak can taste Kobe beef of various genres including hamburger in harbor land. Please thoroughly enjoy slightly deluxe Kobe.

Kobe gourmet

There is local gourmet whom Kobe native loves in Kobe. Please appreciate gourmet who can know Kobe more.

Kobe sweets

Town, Kobe of sweets. We introduce sweets restaurant having main store to here, Kobe where well-established confectionery links the eaves. Please enjoy sweets healing fatigue of trip.

Kobe souvenir

In stylish town Kobe, souvenir is stylish, too. As for a lot of limited goods to be able to buy only here. How about with memory of Kobe?

Shop which delicious beer can swallow up

It is shop where is recommended to fresh beer and beer-drinker including craft beer which used natural water which sprang out of Mt. grand mountain Rokko of Kobe shipped directly by maker.

Shop which is vacant until 24:00

We enjoy night simply because it is night of trip. Please enjoy night of Kobe slowly without minding time. Night view of Kobe is in shop to see.

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