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Harbor market

<the next time holding>

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Time 11:00-17:00 (rainy weather, stormy weather cancellation)
※In January, there is no holding of February.

According to place harbor land Kobe gaslight

Handmade shop gathers in "according to harbor land main street" Kobe gaslight in a row.
Discerning works by writer form a line to fill the tent.
While enjoying cityscape of harbor land and conversation with writer,
Do you not find favorite one point?

◆Infectious disease measures and request to all of harbor market visits

◎We deal with administration after having checked the secretariat, temperature of all the staff of exhibitor.
◎The staff will wait on customers by mask wearing. In the case of visit, please wear mask.
◎Please cooperate with one way in venue. We share general walker with event visitors and secure space.
◎We install antiseptic solution in venue. Please use positively.
◎Please cooperate with money giving and receiving with coin tray.
◎When physical condition is poor, please refrain from visits.
◎Depending on the situation of venue, please cooperate with the staff.
◎We will cancel market live to prevent "the three secrets".

*When there is policy review about event conduct from administration by the day of the holding, we may cancel holding.

Member of harbor land administration meeting next town promotion society
The harbor market secretariat

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