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About Kobe harbor land

Harbor land is one of the best and slightly Western shopping, sightseeing areas of central city area of Kobe in Kobe where large compound facilities such as shopping and gourmet, movie theater, amusement space are satisfying. Takahama quays where Cruise ship concertos come alongside the pier are perfect points to take a walk through while it is blown by the sea breeze.

Harbor land guide


Ball machine
"DIN DON (dindon)"

It was recruited the public in 1993 (Heisei 5), and name of DIN DON was chosen from about 10,000 of them. Pleasure of sound that perpetual motion-like movement and ball of ball play is monument of favorable reception for both adult and child. "DinDon (dindon) "which went back to the mother country United States at one time in July, 2017 scale-uped after renovation period for ten months and came back!

Tower of azure sky

Art object of giraffe of 8m in height that is really familiar as mark to "karumeni". The official name is called "tower of azure sky". With work which won "Mayor Kambe Prize" by the seventh Kobe concreteness sculpture award exhibition, we were transferred to current position from lawn open space in 1996. "Love comes true when we meet in front of this art object...Rumor such as "is whispered.

Statue of Elvis Presley

It was statue of Presley erected by donation of fan after the death of Elvis in Harajuku, Tokyo for ten years in 1987, but was removed at one time in January, 2009.
In August, 2009, we will have in the whole town newly as setting place.
Many fans come and become new sacred place for Elvis fans.

According to Kobe gaslight

According to gaslight and zelkova row of trees about 110 of harbor road are lighted up with white electric bulb by LED lunch.
You can enjoy harmony with tender light of gaslight.

Brick warehouse

Two red brick warehouses which create exoticism that there is in the seashore of Kobe harbor land. We were constructed in the late 1890s and were used as warehouse of freight which arrived at Kobe Port in sequence.
Stylish restaurant and shop are open and are spot where is popular as tourist attraction now.

Drawbridge (root)

Drawbridge which was built over mooring dock entrance of inlet of event open space (root open space) in the center of harbor land open space.
Construction called "parallelogram-type bascule bridge" characterizing root "is frequent in Europe, but, as for", it becomes the first form for pedestrian bridge in Japan led by the Netherlands.
The whole bridge is lighted up by about 1,700 pitches of illuminations at night and can enjoy different beauty again in the daytime.

Humor display

Manikin which was installed because Kobe harbor land had you enjoy scenery of on the sea from town cut open and dried April, 1991 when you did.
We passed through twists and turns such as earthquake disaster or typhoon and we were dressed in September, 2006 and were installed again newly. Harden the body to helmet and working clothes; and of repair and painting of roof pose.
A lot of people considering whether it is lifelike, and it is genuine worker wrong are secret popular characters of town.

Harbor walk

Wooden promenade along the sea leading from the brick warehouse side to Kobe Port old signal box. Gaslight and bench are established.
It is walk spot to be able to enjoy flavor of the tide.

Kobe Port old signal box
(old new port fifth breakwater signal box)

At tower where harbor walk is the highest, it is 46.3m in height. It was built in 1921 by new port fourth breakwater and performed traffic control of ship which entered and leaved at port.
There was, and elevator attracted attention in those days inside as signal box of Yoichi Azuma, too, but finished duty by the spread of radio in March, 1990.
It would be saved as precious building which conveyed history of port in 1992, and it was removed and rebuilt in current place. Raised flag means "KOBE" and "UW" (we pray for safe voyage)

Mosaic Ferris wheel

Mosaic Ferris wheel to be able to enjoy scenery of Kobe 360 degrees. "dokinzuhatokafegondora" where character of Anpan-Man who is quite popular with gondolas with air conditioner which is comfortable in the summer, illustration of Dokin chan are pretty is appearance! In addition, it is attractive at night to be able to enjoy night view of Kobe. Adult can enjoy child, too.

Mosaic "observation tower"

This observation tower was constructed in 1914 and was used as the arrival in port machan of cargo boat which entered port. We are transferred to mosaic now.

Takahama quay

History of Takahama quay is old and dates back to the Edo era until the Kanei era year (the 17th century).
It has been called for a long time with "Takahama quay" "Takahama Wharf" as Irifune ground lined with modern Wharf brick warehouses where we did and were levelled the land after the Meiji era.

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