Town Kobe harbor land which pleasure of shopping gourmet amusement wedding cinema entertainment & hotel Kobe shines, and glitters

Event information

Monday, June 1 ... Monday, August 31

We propose in ANNIVERSAIRE INC. Kobe admiration sanctuary chapel!

Holding time: 17:00-20:00

Facility name: ANNIVERSAIRE INC. Kobe

Holding place:

Reference: TEL: 078-367-3988

The representative town of Kobe harbor land.
In ANNIVERSAIRE INC. Kobe in the center, do you not convey special love? Romantic proposal in sanctuary where admiration virgin lord of woman extends to for a long time will surely remain for lifetime memory.
We do not know the way of proposal and but are all right!
Proposal planner who is expert supports well! We will suggest methods of instruction and proposal of partner well. Proposal that has you think so that "wants to be valid with you."

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