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Event information

Tuesday, August 4 Tuesday, August 18 Tuesday, September 1


Holding time: [copy] 17:00-17:50 [two copies] 18:00-18:50

Facility name: Space theater

Holding place:

Reference: 078-360-3335 (weekdays 9:00-17:30)

Dance lesson for kids loving dance!

It is step-up in spite of being pleasure from basic step to technique to be able to dance cool! Of course dance beginner is welcome, too!

RION (Rion) teacher is taught in particular by dance studio "RED LINE" of Kobe!
It is Let' s Dance!! with RION teacher pleasant brightly

Lesson for stage event and official YouTube video shooting fair to hold in harbor lands of Kobe harbor land is conduct.
It recruits participating kids at any time!

★★★Online lesson video Part 2 was done! (5/22)★★★

■Entrance fee once 500 yen (tax-included) ※Those days cash payment
■It is younger than junior high student from target infant
■3 Tuesday every month first the date and time ※It is excluded on holiday
17:00-17:50 younger than copy first grader
It is 18:00-18:50 more than two copies of second graders

We will carry out as follows for the time being. We have understanding cooperate and would appreciate your participation.
◎It should be up to 40 people with the number of participants. Application closes if it reaches by prior application in each 40 times.
◎On the day we do temperature check at reception desk. Please note that person with fever cannot participate.
◎As you will install antiseptic solution in venue, on nyu, leaving, please cooperate with disinfection.
◎Chair for viewing will not set up, but standing to watch in venue is possible. You keep distance with other customers, and please see.
◎We will tell by email later when infected person of new coronavirus becomes clear from participant, the person concerned.

※We will not use personal information any place other than this.
※You read contents of privacy policy (privacy policy) by all means before using, and please agree.

Participation day required
It is indispensable to participation time
Participant full name [1] required
Participant full name [2]
If he/she participates together and comes, please fill out
Participant full name [3]
Protector full name [1] required
Phone number required
E-mail address required
※@In the case of the use, automatic reply email may not arrive in e-mail address of hotmail. Please use other addresses.
Other questions

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