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Event information

Sunday, March 8

Of the future learn; festival 2020

Holding time: 11:00-17:00

Facility name: Space theater

Holding place:

Reference: 078-360-3335 (weekdays 9:00-17:30)

Programming education in elementary school finally starts in April, 2020!
What is programming? It seems to be somewhat difficult; from ...
Programming is fun! We want to study more! On day to turn into this!

Other than programming experience, workshop which each generation can learn happily is held.
Come to event that you can participate in in families by all means!

For more details, in special site "future learn festival"
※Application priority system

■Robot PK meeting! Who is leading scorer?
Using car type robot, let's make a lot of goals!

■Aquarium of all
Fish which you draw begins to swim in the sea of harbor land?
Original fish swims and turns around and changes and,
Let's project state that a lot of fish of all swims to big-screen monitor!

■We take a ceremonial photograph in demystification exploration game, the world of animation?
We find out key item covered by venue, and let's complete program! Surprisingly, the reality world can project finished program as AR! Therefore it is sure to get instagenic if we take a ceremonial photograph!

■Work presentation
We can do such a thing by programming! Presentation that becomes example. Primary schoolchild team which learned programming more than up to three years gives presentation with original work! The Grand Prix is decided with your one vote!

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