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Event information

Sunday, September 6 Sunday, October 4 Sunday, November 1

Harbor market

Holding time: 11:00-17:00 (rainy weather, stormy weather cancellation)

Facility name: Others

Holding place: According to Kobe gaslight

Reference: 078-360-3335 (weekdays 9:00-17:30)

Handmade shop gathers in "according to harbor land main street" Kobe gaslight in a row.
Discerning works by writer form a line to fill the tent.
While enjoying cityscape of harbor land and conversation with writer,
Do you not find favorite one point?

For more details, it is harbor market page!

<to preventive measures against infection and all of you ask>
◎We deal with administration after having checked the secretariat, temperature of all the staff of exhibitor.
◎The staff will wait on customers by mask wearing. In the case of visit, please wear mask.
◎Please cooperate with one way in venue. We share general walker with event visitors and secure space.
◎We install antiseptic solution in venue. Please use positively.
◎Please cooperate with money giving and receiving with coin tray.
◎When physical condition is poor, please refrain from visits.
◎Depending on the situation of venue, please cooperate with the staff.
◎We will cancel market live to prevent "the three secrets".

*When there is policy review about event conduct from administration by the day of the holding, we may cancel holding.

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