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Movie information

OS Cinemas Mint Kobe

Kobe harbor land umie south the fifth floor of the mall
OS Cinemas Mint Kobe

Information for access to theater after closure before Kobe harbor land umie opening

Movie viewing discount service

※Additional charge of discount service rate and 300 yen is necessary on appreciation by the digital 3D screening.
※Performance, please note that there may not be especially if discount service is with application.

Movie service day

You can see for 1,200 yen every month as movie service day on 1st.
You can see for 1,000 yen on December 1.


You can see for 1,200 yen every month as OS DAY on 16th.

Ladies' Day

Every Tuesday, you can see only woman for 1,200 yen.

Senior discount

You can see only people 60 years or older for 1,200 yen.
※Take thing which you can confirm of age.

Couple 50 discount

If either couple is 50 years or older, we are carrying out "couple 50 discount" that you can enter for 2 other people 2,400 yen.

※For age confirmation, come to theater window with two after having proved thing of couple either becoming 50 years or older.
※People 60 years or older as before per person; but is 1,200 yen Japanese yen.

umie interlocking movement discount "Sine percent"

A lot of services that shopping of umie becomes advantageous by the appreciation ticket stub presentation.
For more details, please see umie formula homepage (

Trip concerto interlocking movement discount of Kobe ship

・By the concerto boarding ticket stub presentation, it is appreciation rate discount
Adult: 1,800 yen → 1,500 yen university student: 1,500 yen → 1,300 yen high school student - infant: 1,000 yen → ¥800
※It is limited on that day

・By the stub presentation of movie, it is concerto passage fare 20% OFF
Adult/first flight 3,190 yen ⇒\ 2,550 second flight 2,420 yen ⇒\ 1,930
The third flight 2,750 yen ⇒\ 2,200 fourth flight 3,190 yen ⇒\ 2,550
※Dwarf is half price of adult
※Please report about this discount at the time of reservation by all means.

It is "trip concerto of Kobe ship" formula homepage about boarding time, event.

Admission is discounted by 300 yen by the "Jollios JCB Card" presentation!

General 1,500 yen, general <the 3D screening> 1,800 yen
※Person who purchased by the Internet reservation, please show Jollios JCB Card at the time of entrance.

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