Town Kobe harbor land which pleasure of shopping gourmet amusement wedding cinema entertainment & hotel Kobe shines, and glitters

Town card

Under recruitment of card members! Enrollment fee, annual fee many years free of charge


Parking free service

Service free parking at parking lot following at each store in Kobe harbor land by Kobe harbor land card toward the use for two hours under conduct.

Service in 1,000 yen or more
P Kobe Station south parking lot
Parking lot in front of P10 brick warehouse

Service in 3,000 yen or more
P7 harbor park
P16 Kobe information culture building parking lot



Special treatment discount service

We sell complimentary ticket in harbor land navi

※In the case of order, please show card.
※Please pay meal rate in cash.

Service window is this

Harbor land navi in Kobe harbor land synthesis information

TEL: 078-360-3535 [reception hours: 10:00-19:00]

Parking lot in front of harbor park, Kobe information culture building parking lot, Kobe Station south parking lot, the brick warehouse

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