Town Kobe harbor land which pleasure of shopping gourmet amusement wedding cinema entertainment & hotel Kobe shines, and glitters

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Paradise ... of midsummer of umie Flower gardens - fairies

Monday, August 3 ... Sunday, August 16

About 10,000, summer flower are in full glory in Kobe harbor land umie. …
The exploration PUZZLE rally 2020

Wednesday, July 22 ... Monday, August 31

You collect peace of puzzle in eight harbor lands, and connect letters…

Tuesday, August 4 Tuesday, August 18 Tuesday, September 1

Dance lesson for kids loving dance! Basic step…
<recruitment of participants> Kids snap circuit plus

Saturday, September 19 ... Sunday, September 20

As Kobe harbor land X MAU collaboration plan fashion town Kobe…
hoi this employment fair inKOBE

Saturday, August 22

hoi this employment fair is naive! It is holding in Kobe. Let alone Kobe-shi Amagasaki-shi, Takarazuka-shi,…
We propose in ANNIVERSAIRE INC. Kobe admiration sanctuary chapel!

Monday, June 1 ... Monday, August 31

The representative town of Kobe harbor land. In ANNIVERSAIRE INC. Kobe in the center,…
HDC Kobe "HDC quiz rally"

Thursday, July 2 ... Monday, August 31

When answer all quiz at rally point in HDC building correctly; "sutenresuminibo…
Harbor market

Sunday, September 6 Sunday, October 4 Sunday, November 1

Shop where is handmade in harbor land main street "Kobe gaslight street" in a row…
We toast on board! Concerto Biak loose

Friday, May 8 ... Sunday, October 4

We toast on board! Concerto Biak loose [the text 1] It is held this year! kon…
[takeout menu debuts!] You can enjoy taste of restaurant at home

Friday, July 17 ... Thursday, December 31

In harbor caffeol day dining on Hotel crown palace the first floor of Kobe…

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Area guide

Area guide

New Shop

Closure and reduction of working hours are open
We shorten with emergency declaration at closure and time and do business. Each shop…

  habasentakarumenihoterukuraumparesu Kobe   Unavailable

Strawberry Fetish (strawberry fetishism)
Strawberry rain specialty that is quite popular in SHIBUYA109 and Takeshita Street of Tokyo…

  Kobe harbor land umie   MOSAIC 2F

Concept of tutuanna "is Enjoy! your so…

  Duo Kobe   Hand of the beach

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