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Kobe harbor land synthesis info

Kobe harbor land synthesis information
There is info that is the information desk of town of Kobe harbor land in the front of Duo Dome in entrance of Duo Kobe. We distribute facility guidance in district and various reporting, flyer, publication. Any questions about Kobe harbor land, inquiry come to information casually.
TEL: 078-360-3639
E-Mail: Inquiry email form
Business hours: From 10:00 a.m. to 19:00
We rent "wheelchair free everywhere in KOBE"
We can borrow free in 12 places in Kobe-shi including our information center. In addition, we can have setting place of neighborhood return even if we do not put back to place that we borrowed.

■Access guidance by wheelchair, strollers from Duo Kobe to the mosaic area
■Access guidance [at the time of rainy weather] by wheelchair, strollers from Duo Kobe to the mosaic area
The handling of Kobe-cho play ticket
It is score ticket which is usable as admission charges in main tourist facility (approximately 50 places) in Kobe-shi. With tour guide map of Kobe. When it is two books, it is more advantageous!
One 1,300 yen (score ticket for 1,500 yen)
Two 2,500 yen (score ticket for 3,000 yen)
Guidance, application for town card
Service that parking at parking lot becomes free toward the use by Kobe harbor land card at each store in Kobe harbor land for two hours under conduct. Special treatment discount of some facilities is a certain advantageous card, too.

Information for convenient facility

The first floor of JR Kobe Station yard / Duo Kobe (hand of the beach) /umie north mall (the Mister Minute side) ※The first floor of free (after the use, we repay the price) /umie center street (the THE BODY SHOP side) ※Large-scale 300 yen, the second floor of extra-large 500 yen /umie mosaic (the LOTTERIA side) ※The small: In 200 yen: 300 yen
Wheelchair-adaptive restroom
Viyella Kobe (Kobe Station underpass) / Duo Kobe (hand of hilly section, the beach) HDC Kobe / harbor center / Promena Kobe /umie/ karumeni
Kobe brick warehouse / ANNIVERSAIRE INC. Kobe / Kobe Anpanman Children's Museum & Mall

Kobe, all restroom (ostomate correspondence)
The first floor of Viyella Kobe (Kobe Station underpass) ○ / Duo Kobe (hand of the beach) ○ /umie south mall basement, the third-floor ◎, the fifth-floor (the OS cinemas) the fourth floor of umie north mall (the food court), the fifth floor, the second floor of the sixth floor /umie mosaic, the third floor / Kanbe brick warehouse○

There is baby Bet
◎We install the third floor of umie south mall large size multi-purpose sheet
Nursing room
The first floor of umie south mall basement, the second floor, the second floor of the fourth floor of the fifth-floor (the OS cinemas) /umie north mall (the food court, Toys "R" Us) umie mosaic the second floor (according to the flower) / Kobe Anpanman Children's Museum & Mall / karumeni
Wi-Fi service
・Kobe_renga_WiFi... The outskirts in Kobe brick warehouse
・umie Free Wi-Fi... The south mall B1F - 4F colonnade circumference, north mall 4F food court, center street, mosaic (1F, around 2F open space)
Other than the Wi-Fi service mentioned above, there is store providing Free Wi-Fi for visitors in individual commercial facilities in harbor land area.
Kobe community cycle "covellite"
System which can rent bicycle in port (rental, return point) freely for plural cycles of Kobe-shi center.
We install port in harbor land in front of in front of umie solid parking lot and Duo Kobe exit (the 25th elevator). First 60 minutes 100 yen (tax-included)
Please use for shopping for sightseeing and lunch, visiting sweets.
For more details, Kobe recycling homepage.

Kobe harbor land total whole map

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