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About 2018-19 year-end and New Year business hours

The year-end and New Year holidays are different from normal business hours.

Please arrive on visit carefully after checking time.
Business hours table (PDF)

Thank you for your much participation in hide-and-seek rally!

Enforced in 9/29 - 10/31; "look for Halloween hide-and-seek rally ... animals which hid! Thank you for your much participation in ...
We assumed the first plan and held, but how would about?
Correct answer rate seemed to be able to find 95% and everybody animals safely♪
As send email of election toward the elected candidate from correct answer person by the end of November, in fun!
Hide-and-seek rally answer (pdf_3.1MB)

We start "demystification illuminations rally" on November 9 sequentially!
We look forward to much participation!

It was finished safely on day of 2018 harbor lands!

We finished annual summer festival of harbor land safely on "day of 2018 harbor lands"!
It was hot 1st, but thank you very much for your many visits!

We had "harbor Bon festival dance" to become the second come to dance toward the lot!
Were we able to enjoy, everybody?
Again holding of the next year in fun!

Under free bus service to link harbor land district!

Under free bus service of weekdays only to link umie mosaic, Minatogawa Shrine, Okurayama Station, Motomachi mall 6!
Service route diagram was updated in July, 2018!
You can enjoy shopping and meal more usefully.
Please use.

Bus timetable

※By traffic condition, stop position of bus is mixed up to some extent.
※There is not indication of bus stop at bus stop position of Okurayama Station.
Please wait at intersection neighborhood, position of BS mark in map. Please take the details of place into account in photograph under route map.
※Bus stop notation of 6, Motomachi mall entrance (Nishi-Motomachi Station) posts on pillar of mall entrance arcade in poster form. Actually please wait at position of BS mark in map as the road side where bus stops at does not have indication.

It is "bacteria himitsu base" OPEN in Kobe Anpanman Children's Museum & Mall!

 The Kansai's first "bacteria himitsu base" is opened by Kobe Anpanman Children's Museum & Mall!
<with bacteria himitsu base>
 "Bacteria himitsu base" is genius scientist, experience-based facility utilized character characteristics of "Baikin-Man" to be mischievous. Contents which parent and child can enjoy let alone what children move body, and can be idle together are enhancement. With Control Panel, own face projected by monitor transforms itself into friend of Baikin-Man and takes in digital content.
There is room of bacteria UFO and Dokin chan, too and can enjoy the world of Baikin-Man.



For more details, it is Kobe Anpanman Children's Museum & Mall formula homepage.

© Takashi Yanase / FROEBEL-KAN, TMS, NTV

There was photogenic spot introduction page!

A lot of photogenic spots that SNS shines in harbor rand and does!
All the photographs photograph with smartphone.
It is only photograph which anyone can easily photograph.
We take photograph together, and let's post on SNS!

Harbor land photogenic spot introduction page

Harbor land original video was completed!

Waterfront city where harbor land symbolizes Kobe in the future. We made full use of crane camera and drone and photographed scenery which the sea and town were united with the sky, and led Kobe.
Come to harbor Landes with important person.

We waited for harbor land and finished difference memory event safely

We finished town difference memory event started on September 30 on October 1 safely.
Thank you for arriving toward the lot blessed with weather.
We were able to celebrate by event that there were many "harbor cinema" and "Italian fair" to become harbor land first holding again in each place including "town cut open and dried memory ceremony" and annual "harbor market".
As you plan various events sequentially, come by all means.

Under all Kobe and town guidance, special coupon distribution for a limited time!

In commemoration of the town difference 25th anniversary, history + information for town "all Kanbe and town information" around Motomachi - Kobe harbor land - newly-developed land were completed!
We introduce history monument and famous spot of town in detail.
We are distributing in Kobe harbor land synthesis information, etc., each the district facility.

In addition, we are distributing "special coupon" which approximately 140 stores of the area were published in at the same time!
We obtain both, and we wait, and let's enjoy circulation!

Harbor land memory video performer was decided

Exhibition audition to decide main performer of commemorative video to produce in commemoration of the town difference 25th anniversary was held in Kanbe harbor land umie, and two women were chosen.
We produce video which attracted charm of harbor land! As, after the completion, broadcast in vision of website and town, in fun!

(the publication Mainichi Shimbun 9/25 morning edition)

Original Bon festival dance leading completion of harbor land!

We waited for bar land, and, in commemoration of the difference 25th anniversary, Bon festival dance original leading "HARBOR leading" was completed!
We practice with video, and let's dance with all by "harbor Bon festival dance"!

"Harbor Bon festival dance" is holding of from 17:00 to 21:00 on 8/12 Saturday.
We look forward to much participation!

Leading, choreography is released in YOU TUBE!

Kobe harbor land reaches the town biraki 25th anniversary

We invite the 25th anniversary this year after Kobe harbor land featuring the theme of "creation of the culture downtown area leading to the sea", and doing town difference in 1992.

Taking this occasion, we plan fun event and service in Kobe harbor Landes through one year to be able to get close to more people with past thanks.
Please check especially as information sends at any time in site.

"Covellite" new port is completed for Kobe community cycle!

System which borrow bicycle in port (rental, return base) freely for plural cycles of Kobe-shi center, and return, and it is possible for "covellite."
We added in front of umie solid parking lot and we managed in front of Duo Kobe exit (the 25th elevator) and started.
First 60 minutes 100 yen (tax-included)!
Please use for shopping for sightseeing and lunch, visiting sweets.
For more details, it is Kobe wrinkle homepage.

We are displayed by "Kobe tartan" Ferris wheel

In commemoration of Kobe opening of a port 150 years, we display logo, checked pattern of "Kobe tartan" which we condense image color of Kobe and made to umie mosaic Ferris wheel.
We perform meeting of everybody coming to Kobe in "Kobe tartan".
[indication period]
Until December 31, 2017
[indication time]
We are displayed every day for one minute 30 seconds from 00 minutes an hour until from 18:30 to 23:00, 30 minutes

Please come to see at this opportunity.


Kobe harbor land formula Instagram start!

Kobe harbor land formula Instagram started!

We introduce a lot of night view of harbor land and recommended spots!
^^ where we will respond to
#Kobe harbor land # Kobe #kobeharborland #kobe

There was page of "HARBOR NIGHT" which enjoyed night of harbor land! 

We were able to refresh page to introduce shop which could eat slowly while enjoying recommended night view spot and night view of harbor land to!
We introduce advantageous late show work after 20:00.
As for night harbor land, romantic spot is full.
How about for night walk while feeling the sea breeze?


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