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Wednesday, May 16

Baby park parent and child experience event in Kobe harbor land umie
Baby park parent and child experience event in Kobe harbor land umie

Holding time: [the first] 11:00 ... [the second] 13:00 ... (each time 45 minutes)

Facility name: Kobe harbor land umie

Holding place: Open space of north mall 4F anebitorimupaku forest

Reference: TOE baby park 0120-415-181 (excluded on ※ Sundays and holidays for from 9:30 to 17:00)

Child care introduces play and experience becoming fun even to house including intelligence play, story-telling of large size picture book to be useful for the rich "intelligence, heart, body" of child development.
As you carry out child care consultation by baby park lecturer, please participate.

♪゜, *:. . . . : ** ♪ *. . . . : ** ♪ ゜, *:. . . . : ** ♪ *. . . . : **♪
While TOE baby park wraps child in love in base in love, bond of parent and child, it is a new type of parent and child classroom stretching out rich talent to originally have in supremeness happily.
We incorporate specialized Pross lamb increasing intellectual ability, athletic capability, social nature in activity as "play" to be able to enjoy in parent and child.
It becomes than 200 kinds now.
And mother ring (latest child care knowledge) for mothers is offered more than 120 episodes.
IQ of student who "intelligence, heart, body" of child makes developing environment with smile at ease, and went more than one year marks higher than 130.
Please experience pleasant child care in baby park.
♪゜, *:. . . . : ** ♪ *. . . . : ** ♪ ゜, *:. . . . : ** ♪ *. . . . : **♪

[object] Child and protector until before two months - one walk after birth
Daddy and grandfather and grandmother welcome premama, brothers warmly!
[the offer number of people] Each eight sets of times
[place] anebitorimupaku
[entrance fee] Facility admission, parent and child pair admission (adult one person, one child: for 60 minutes the use)
★Member ... body price 1,500 yen (tax-included 1,620 yen)
★Visitor ... body price 2,000 yen (tax-included 2,160 yen)
※Member has advantageous three hours admission ticket, 1Day free pass.
※Under 0 years, 6 months old are no charge for admission. Admission is necessary only for protector.
※Additional charge needs more than 3 participation separately. Please confirm detailed rate in shop page of anebitorimupaku.
※After event, you can play in facility!
(admission ticket is necessary for event participation, but does not include in charge at event time.)

[application] Wednesday, May 16 application form
※We manage personal information that we asked about at the time of application with responsibility and may not use other than the information for event. In addition, we disclose to third party without permission of the person from us and may not leak out.

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